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Mock Scenarios

These scenarios are unofficial. They have been created with no input from Salesforce, or from anyone associated with the CTA Programme, but have been written by me and are provided as aids only.

I offer no guarantees to how closely they will resemble the makeup or structure of what you may see in an actual Review Board, but based on my experience, these give you a flavour of what you can expect and will help you should you choose to use them.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.

(I'm aware of some display issues on mobile devices. I'm working on it, but low priority.
You can still download and print without issues from a small screen device.)

January 2021

Constructus Temporary Buildings

A full length scenario for a comp any that provides temporary buildings for events. Think of marquees and 'pop up' exhibitions.

This was inspired by a company that my wife used to work for and I have 'borrowed' some of the geographical elements but expanded on the scale and requirement. 

Ultimately it is my work, and fiction (any similarity, blah blah blah...) but thank you to them for the ideas.

Preparation Time 180 minutes
Presentation Time 45 minutes
Length 8 pages
Download PDF
(114 Kb)
Download Annoted
PDF (183 Kb)

Saying 'Thank you'

All of this content is provided for free, with the simple request that I am credited if this work is used.

You could also listen to my EP, which was released on the 14th January 2022. Available on all streaming services.

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